Catalogue 16E - Manual Chucks, Closed Centre Power Chucks, Open Centre Power Chucks, Collet Chucks, Steady Rests, Static Chucks, JAWS, Mandrels & more

SMW Autoblok can proudly present the 16E product which is the standard range of Closed Centre, Open Centre, Quick Change, Pull Down, Compensating, Indexing, Shaft and 2+2+2 chucks.

The 16E product also offers a full range of Mandrels, Collet Chucks, Steady Rests, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders.

Oil Country Chucks, Jaws and a Spindle Nose Adapter are also included as standard to provide a service that highlights our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Click the individual sections below to download the area you require

Catalog16E Section 0 - Manual Chucks
Section 1 - Closed Centre Power Chucks
Section 2 - Open Centre Power Chucks
Section 3 - Quick Jaw Change Power Chucks
Section 4 - Specialist Special Application Chucks
Section 5 - Diaphragm & Gear Chucks
Section 6 - Collet Chucks
Section 7 - Expanding Mandrels
Section 8 - Rotating Cylinders
Section 9 - Front End Air Chucks
Section 10 - Steady Rests
Section 11 - Static Chucks
Section 12 - JAWS & Ancilliaries
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"The ability to view sample 3D drawings of bespoke products means that as a company we can choose our product knowing SMW Autoblok have provided us with the very best technology to help us go forward. This in addition to their excellent bespoke solution centre means that we can wholeheartedly recommend SMW Autoblok"
Clive A.
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