Hot Product - SinterGrip

Our new product SinterGrip is born to satisfy the current need to clamp a workpiece for very few millimeters (with SinterGrip 3,5 mm clamping surface), and this for the following reasons:

1) It doesn’t need to use a special machine or tool to realize the punching.

2) It doesn’t need a pre-machining on theworkpiece, (as dovetail or others)

3) It doesn’t require to use a new vise or other

4) Exceptional stability of the workpiece clamping

5) No vibrations

6) No deformations (by reducing the clamping force after the first punching)

7) Minimum depth of the workpiece clamping: only 3,5 mm

8) Huge savings in materials

9) Possibility to machine the workpiece with very short tools (for 5 axis machines)

10) Huge metal removal rate of = less time to machine the workpiece

11) Geometric couplings without any clearance

12) Different types of SinterGrip for different materials (aluminum, mild and hard steel)


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"The ability to view sample 3D drawings of bespoke products means that as a company we can choose our product knowing SMW Autoblok have provided us with the very best technology to help us go forward. This in addition to their excellent bespoke solution centre means that we can wholeheartedly recommend SMW Autoblok"
Clive A.
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